Course Offerings & Conference Information

Winter Quarter Seminars 2012
California’s General Plans: Crafting Sustainability, Community, and Culture
Managing EIRs and EISs: Strategies for Success
Spring Quarter Full-Length Courses & Seminars 2012
Sustainable Communities (12 meetings)
Environmental Laws and Institutions: State, National, and International Overview (Online; 12 meetings)
Principles of Sustainability III: Social Dimensions (Online; 12 meetings)
Global Sustainability Internship: General Studies (Restricted)
Global Sustainability Internship: Environmental Law and Policy (Restricted)
Designing and Implementing Effective Zoning Ordinances (1 Day Seminar)
Sustainability Ethics (1 Day Seminar)
Urban Design: Principles, Practices, and Tools (1 Day Seminar)
Mitigating Environmental Impacts: Law, Policy, and Practice (1 Day Seminar)
[New Seminar] CEQA and NEPA: Similarities, Differences and Preparation of Joint Documents (1 Day Seminar)
General Information
Course Enrollment
27th Land Use Law and Planning Conference
Held in 2013 at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel, Downtown Los Angeles