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Who Needs Land When You Have Water?

Photo: DeltaSync The Dutch are experimenting with floating buildings.  The Netherlands, sitting largely below sea level, is highly susceptible to flooding.  In an act of preparation for the effects of global climate change, a 10,764 square-foot domed structure has been … Continue reading

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Washing Water

Most know him as an actor.  Famous for classic movies like Field of Dreams, Bull Durham and Waterworld.  Who am I talking about? Why…Kevin Costner.  While his on-screen credits are well-known to many movie aficionados, what may not be as obvious … Continue reading

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What’s in your Water?

Do you know what’s in your water?  California Watch reports that an increasing number of Californians are being affected by unhealthy levels of nitrates in their water supply.  According to the report, over 2 million people have been affected in the … Continue reading

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