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The Blame Game… Who’s Accountable for Pedestrian Deaths?

Transportation advocates believe that pedestrian deaths can be prevented if there are crosswalks to connect bus stops to the apartment communities it serves. According to Jennifer Emert of WTOC, Georgia’s jaywalking laws are tough and the penalties, if there is an accident, … Continue reading

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HOT Lanes Coming to Sections of I-10, 110

Though the idea has been talked about for quite some time, High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes are soon coming to two Southern California freeways.  Construction is underway on a $290 million project on I-10 from I-605 to Alameda St. and I-110 from … Continue reading

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A New Vision for Downtown L.A.

Photo: Downtown Los Angeles: What Was, What Is, What is to Come An incredible work of art surfaced on the World Wide Web recently.  The aesthetically pleasing film created by three Cal Poly San Luis Obispo students in conjunction with mega … Continue reading

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The Scarlet Word, ‘Affordable’

The letter “A” symbolizes a badge of shame in the famous novel, The Scarlet Letter.  Known to stand for the act of adultery, the “A” could easily represent that of “affordable” or “affordability,” which some will argue, evoke equally negative … Continue reading

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Lending a Hand

Existing amongst the popularity surrounding sustainable community initiatives, and recognition for smart growth, lies the less glamorous, but wildly successful, adopt-a-highway program.  Surely you’ve seen signs along stretches of our highways alluding to this program, yet many of us turn … Continue reading

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