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HOT Lanes Coming to Sections of I-10, 110

Though the idea has been talked about for quite some time, High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes are soon coming to two Southern California freeways.  Construction is underway on a $290 million project on I-10 from I-605 to Alameda St. and I-110 from … Continue reading

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Bon Voyage!

Photo: U.S. Department of Transportation – Maritime Administration Goods movement is about the transportation of cargo via air, sea, rail, and road.  Yet, it’s easy to forget how essential the maritime industry piece is to the overall economy and flow of … Continue reading

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The world’s population is exploding. By 2040, two in three people will live in cities, and the world’s urban population will grow from 3.5 billion to 5.6 billion. The number of “megacities” – urban areas with more than 10 million … Continue reading

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Going All-Electric?

Photo: Tennessee Valley Authority The LA Auto Show is back, and if it’s any indication of where the automobile industry is headed, look no further than the electric vehicle.  Manufacturerers are trending toward the hybrid/electric vehicle market, seemingly addressing the shift in consumer … Continue reading

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Car Culture Slowing Advancements in Mobility?

Do you understand the true cost of owning your car? Many people simply do not.  DC Streets Blog recently ran a piece, Our Mobile Money Pits: The True Cost of Cars, reporting that in 2009 the average price of a … Continue reading

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Whose Fault is it Anyway?

Traffic map of Monday rush hour gridlock caused by street closures due to President Obama’s motorcade. Days after President Obama’s trip to Los Angeles, residents and business owners are still frustrated at the mayhem that was caused during the busiest … Continue reading

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Look Ma, No Hands!

Photo: Gadget Magazine There is a sort of irony inherent in the idea that driver-less cars, those functioning entirely on technology, could actually improve the safety of our roadways.  After all, the basic idea that a vehicle would operate on … Continue reading

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