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Sustainability on Display

Is this the world’s greenest neighborhood? Kaid Benfield, Director of Sustainable Communities for the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC), posed that question in an article for The Atlantic magazine in which he detailed his visit to Dockside Green.  The 15-acre community nestled in Victoria, British Columbia … Continue reading

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A Tower Made of Timber

At first glance, it might appear to be an unsustainable practice, but the proposition of building an entirely wooden skyscraper may be an opportunity for innovation, according to architect and University of Toronto Professor Larry Richards.  The idea that wooden structures could reach … Continue reading

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Reusing CO2

When we think about global climate change and the warming of our planet, we tend to think about pollution, specifically greenhouse gas emissions from transit, power plants, or industrial sources.  A typical next step has been finding ways to curb … Continue reading

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Fracking for Gas

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has plans to study the environmental impacts of natural gas, specifically the modern technique of hydraulic fracturing.  Known as “fracking” for short, it is a natural gas industry technique that shoots copious amounts of water … Continue reading

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