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An Urban Planning Tug-of-War

For the past 30 years a movement called New Urbanism has dominated the urban planning and development world.  Yet, this darling of many planning aficionados has been challenged in the past few years by the up-and-coming (relatively speaking, it’s been around … Continue reading

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The Number is 425

425. That’s the number of redevelopment agencies Governor Jerry Brown is proposing to eliminate.  He’s effectively throwing down the gauntlet, calling for their elimination in order to help close the widening budget gap.  CP&DR reports that such a move would free … Continue reading

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Who Needs Land When You Have Water?

Photo: DeltaSync The Dutch are experimenting with floating buildings.  The Netherlands, sitting largely below sea level, is highly susceptible to flooding.  In an act of preparation for the effects of global climate change, a 10,764 square-foot domed structure has been … Continue reading

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Whose Fault is it Anyway?

Traffic map of Monday rush hour gridlock caused by street closures due to President Obama’s motorcade. Days after President Obama’s trip to Los Angeles, residents and business owners are still frustrated at the mayhem that was caused during the busiest … Continue reading

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Football to Downtown, Not So Fast

Has AEG shown up too late for the party? Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) led by President and CEO Tim Leiweke wants to take part in bringing the next NFL franchise to Los Angeles, or so it seems.  Both Leiweke and businessman Casey Wasserman, … Continue reading

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Nimble Cities

Slate wants your ideas! They want to know how you would move people efficiently, safely, and in a pleasurable way.  Then they want you to vote on the best submission.  Its called Nimble Cities, the second part of their Hive … Continue reading

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