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23 Versus 32

Photo: Will Proposition 23 take over the November election in California?  It’s surely shaping up to be the most hotly debated issue this year.  For those unfamiliar, Prop 23 is a ballot initiative that would suspend AB 32.  AB … Continue reading

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Who Needs Land When You Have Water?

Photo: DeltaSync The Dutch are experimenting with floating buildings.  The Netherlands, sitting largely below sea level, is highly susceptible to flooding.  In an act of preparation for the effects of global climate change, a 10,764 square-foot domed structure has been … Continue reading

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Reusing CO2

When we think about global climate change and the warming of our planet, we tend to think about pollution, specifically greenhouse gas emissions from transit, power plants, or industrial sources.  A typical next step has been finding ways to curb … Continue reading

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At a Standstill

Politico is reporting that the Climate Bill is in trouble.  The Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act (S.1733), better known to you and I as the Climate Bill, was originally introduced by Senators John Kerry (D-MA) and Joseph Lieberman … Continue reading

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AB32 Gets Political

With the June 8th primaries for the next Governor of California rapidly approaching, I thought we’d take a look to see where the big names stand regarding  AB 32.  For those of you unfamiliar with AB 32, its best summarized … Continue reading

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Milken Institute’s Global Conference

The Milken Institute is holding its annual Global Conference from April 26-28 in Los Angeles.  Event registration is now closed, but the topics and speakers scheduled surely will encourage plenty of dialogue.   Here is the list of topics from … Continue reading

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