And the Winner Is…

Photo: MVVA/HNTB Team
Who knew roadkill in America is an $8 billion dollar problem?!  Thus, born out of necessity (aptly referred to as an emerging critical priority) according to organizers, comes the ARC: International Wildlife Crossing Infrastructure Design Competition.  The international competition awarded $40,000 to a team made up of landscape architects, Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates (MVVA) and construction firm, HNTB, for their design pictured above.  The design, specifically intended to allow wildlife to cross safely over an interstate highway in Vail, Colorado, is much different than a traditional bridge project for vehicles.  Unlike the latter, usually narrow and meant to hold enormous amounts of weight, the winning bridge design will be far wider and made of precast concrete that can adhere to different dimensions.
Photo: MVVA/HNTB Team
The jury determined that MVVA/HNTB was not only practical, but utilized current technology and established techniques,
The scheme marries well a simple elegance with a brute force. It effectively recasts ordinary materials and methods of construction into a potentially transcendent work of design. In this regard it gives us confidence that it could be credibly imagined as a regional infrastructure across the inter‐mountain west.
Read the full announcement here
Robert Rock, a Senior Associate at MVVA says the real advantage of the structure is the availability of raw materials.  Precast concrete is readily available with many suppliers throughout the nation meaning this type of infrastructure could be built in many other places.
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