A Hole Lotta Problems

Photo: Contra Costa Times
It’s a little bumpy out there isn’t it? I’m referring to those pesky potholes that have littered roads throughout California.  These unnerving and annoying holes are a consequence of heavy rains in past weeks.  In response to this problem, KABC 790 recently reported on a new initiative from the City of Los Angeles, Operation Pothole 2011.  The initiative, announced by Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti last Tuesday, will see an increase in city service trucks and crews working on January 8th and 9th to repair potholes throughout the city.  This will be the first of what probably will amount to a few operations.  The city has made it relatively easy to report potholes, find the form here.  As Garcetti put it, don’t assume the city knows where all the potholes are.  You can also call 1-800-996-CITY(2489).
Potholes are a prolific problem.  They cause significant damage to cars that drive over them, create accidents, and are unflattering to look at.  Doing a simple search of potholes on the internet will display numerous articles detailing other cities across the nation facing similar problems.  Patching potholes is a costly process that requires more man hours and more man power.  Consequently, is raising the gas tax a solution to helping fund the maintenance of our roads?
Road repair is a common necessity due to crumbling roads.  Two major highways feeding into Big Bear, CA were recently closed due to last week’s rain storm.  With one back open, Caltrans is saying that the other, Highway 330, could be closed for up to 2 years.  While this might be an extreme example, it serves as a reminder that weather-related damage is common and no doubt will happen again.  Preventative maintenance is key.
Time to go and report a few potholes of my own.
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