Whose Fault is it Anyway?

Traffic map of Monday rush hour gridlock caused by street closures due to President Obama’s motorcade.
Days after President Obama’s trip to Los Angeles, residents and business owners are still frustrated at the mayhem that was caused during the busiest time of day for travel – rush hour.
During Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning’s rush hour, cars overheated; buses were re-routed, then halted; pedestrians waited two hours in the blazing heat to cross streets; and commuters missed doctor’s appointments, as a result of street closures to accommodate the presidential motorcade.
Some argue that the President owes Los Angeles an apology; others urge that his coordinator/planner should apologize due to poor planning. But according to the L.A. Examiner, the mayor’s office and the L.A. Department of Transportation both approved and signed on to the travel route. When the City, LAPD, and Secret Service decide to run the President’s motorcade through the city street, they know the massive gridlock and inconvenience created.
A commenter from the LAist joked that Mayor Villaraigosa was the cause behind this to illustrate how badly we need federal funding for the 30/10 subway project, which would bring the region 12 transit projects in 10 years.
Still, there are number of Angelenos who find it ironic to distinguish the differences between the average LA traffic and a Presidential visit; making a note that either way the streets resemble a parking lot.
This isn’t the first time that a President has caused Los Angeles major gridlock, but for now most will argue that it’s the most damaging. How will his next visit affect Los Angeles? Are you prepared? Will you stay at home, carpool, bike, request flex hours, or will you leave the planning to President Obama’s staff, the mayor’s office, and the LA Department of Transportation? Please share your thoughts.
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