Beautifying Highways

Photo: Mei-Chun Jau, for USA TODAY
Most people would agree that freeway driving is stressful, to say the least.  Though they get us where we need to go, freeways simultaneously conjure up negative  images of congestion, pollution, gridlock, and neighborhood separation. These issues are a real problem for major urbanized regions where wide highways and roadways take up valuable sections of space.
In order to revive such areas there has been greater momentum towards capping freeways.  The idea is  to transform these areas of valuable space, swallowed up by roadways, through greener, environmentally attractive means.  Constructing urban parks above roadways in order to encourage greater walk-ability, as well as offsetting harmful vehicle emissions is the intended objective.  Various projects are being proposed across the nation including four in Los Angeles County.
Will capping roadways be an effective idea at reaching those intended objectives?  Will the benefit outweigh the cost?
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