Milken Institute’s Global Conference

The Milken Institute is holding its annual Global Conference from April 26-28 in Los Angeles.  Event registration is now closed, but the topics and speakers scheduled surely will encourage plenty of dialogue.   Here is the list of topics from the Climate and Energy track:
  • Generating New Funding for Renewable Energy
  • Ted Turner and T. Boone Pickens on America’s Energy Future
  • Powering America: The Effects of Politics and Energy Policy on Business Investment
  • New Momentum for Biofuels
  • Geopolitics, Global Demand and the Quest for Energy Security
  • Steering Business Toward Sustainability
  • SAVE Roundtable: Building a Sustainable Energy Future
  • The Amazing Alternative Energy Race: Which Countries Will Win?
  • Climate Change Post-Copenhagen: What’s Plan B?
  • Natural Gas: Can It Be a Game-Changer?
  • The Retrofit Revolution: Innovative Financing and Programs to Green Every U.S. Home
It looks like the Milken Institute posted video from last year’s conference on YouTube. So, if this is of interest, be on the lookout!
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